PyBaMM at the Battery Modeling Webinar Series 2021

July 06, 2021

Robert Timms (University of Oxford) presented work on “Reduced-order 3D models of lithium-ion cells” today at the weekly Battery Modeling Webinar Series. The webinar attracts an audience from across the world with interests spanning a diverse range of battery-related topics.

The talk gave an overview of how to develop a range of 3D battery models of varying fidelity and complexity useful for describing the electrochemical and thermal behavior of pouch, jelly-roll, and prismatic cells. All of the reduced-order pouch cell models are available in PyBaMM now and can be compared in the Pouch cell model example notebook. Keep your eyes peeled for jelly-roll models in a future release!

Thanks to all those who attended, and for all the useful questions and comments. Thanks also to Shashank Sripad and Alec Bills for hosting.

As usual, you can find slides for the talk (PDF), and try out PyBaMM for yourself by going to Examples (to see the examples) or Google Colab (to run them online).

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