Fast and flexible physics-based battery models in Python
PyBaMM 24.1 has been released!

Enhanced Simulation Performance
PyBaMM enables efficient simulations of battery performance and aging, accelerating battery design and innovation.

Modular Framework
The flexible nature of PyBaMM allows for quick model interchangeability, making it useful in different stages of battery R&D.

Open Source
PyBaMM is open source, which means anyone can use, modify, and distribute the software. This makes it accessible to researchers worldwide, enhancing global battery technology research.

Comprehensive Model Library
PyBaMM’s model library includes a wide range of physics-based models, making it a vital tool in diverse battery research.

Detailed Visualization Tools
PyBaMM includes data visualization tools that enable researchers to better interpret their simulation results, facilitating the identification of trends and potential improvements.

Python Ecosystem
PyBaMM can be combined with any of the advanced data science and machine learning tools in Python’s extensive ecosystem.