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For the official PyBaMM documentation visit https://docs.pybamm.org/en/latest/

Installation instructions

PyBaMM is available on the pip package manager for Windows, macOS, and Linux; and can be installed with

pip install pybamm

More detailed instructions for installing PyBaMM on different platforms and for installing from source can be found in the installation instructions in the documentation.

Example notebooks

If you would like to get started with PyBaMM, you may go through the Getting Started notebooks which introduce its basic features. You can launch the notebooks on Google Colab to run them on the cloud without having to install PyBaMM on your computer.

For more resources, please refer to the Examples section in the PyBaMM documentation.

Video tutorials

We regularly hold PyBaMM workshops. You can find a list of the workshops we have held with links to the corresponding recordings below.

These recordings are from previous PyBaMM workshops and conferences and are meant to serve the purpose of training material for use by the PyBaMM community of researchers, developers, and users alike.

Getting Started

Robert Timms
PybaMM Training Workshop 2021
This video explains what PyBaMM is and takes you through the basics of setting up and running simulations.

Plug & Play Physics

Robert Timms, Ferran Brosa Planella
PybaMM Training Workshop 2021
This video shows how submodels enable “plug and play” physics PyBaMM, and showcases submodels for lithium plating and multi-particle models (particle size distributions).


Robert Timms
PybaMM Training Workshop 2021
This video shows different features related to parameterisation, including how to add new parameter sets, optimise the parameter values and calculate the sensitivity of the solutions with respect to certain parameters.


Valentin Sulzer
PybaMM Training Workshop 2021
This video shows how to simulate experiments in PyBaMM and interact with their solutions.

Advanced Examples

Tom Tranter, Priyanshu Agarwal, Saransh Chopra
PybaMM Training Workshop 2021
This video showcases some advanced examples using PyBaMM.

Open-source battery modelling

Robert Timms
Early Career Researcher Day, Faraday Institution Conference, 2020
This video gives an overview of PyBaMM, and showcases some of the research it has enabled.

Get help

You can get help by posting questions on the PyBaMM Slack channels or preferably in GitHub discussions. You can also get paid support from Ionworks.