June 09, 2021

Our introductory paper is now out in the Journal of Open Research Software! This paper explains the motivation and design philosophy behind PyBaMM. Find it here:

The paper can be cited in APA format as follows:

Sulzer, V., Marquis, S. G., Timms, R., Robinson, M., & Chapman, S. J. (2021). Python Battery Mathematical Modelling (PyBaMM) (Version 23.4.1) [Computer software].

or with BibTeX, as:

author = {Sulzer, Valentin and Marquis, Scott G. and Timms, Robert and Robinson, Martin and Chapman, S. Jon},
doi = {10.5334/jors.309},
month = jun,
title = {{Python Battery Mathematical Modelling (PyBaMM)}},
url = {},
version = {23.4.1},
year = {2021}
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