PyBaMM v0.4.0 Release

March 29, 2021

PyBaMM version 0.4.0 has now been released. This release introduces:

  • Several new models, including reversible and irreversible plating submodels, submodels for loss of active material, Yang et al.’s (2017) coupled SEI/plating/pore clogging model, and the Newman-Tobias model.
  • Internal optimizations for solving models, particularly for simulating experiments, with more accurate event detection and more efficient numerical methods and post-processing.
  • Parallel solutions of a model with different inputs.
  • A cleaner installation process for Mac when installing from PyPI, no longer requiring a Homebrew installation of Sundials.
  • Improved plotting functionality, including adding a new ‘voltage component’ plot.
  • Several other new features, optimizations, and bug fixes, summarized below.

For more information, please see the full CHANGELOG.

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