PyBaMM at the Battery Modelling Webinar Series

September 08, 2020

Valentin Sulzer (University of Michigan) presented PyBaMM today at the weekly Battery Modeling Webinar Series, an event which attracts audience from across the world with a wide range of interests.

The talk outlined PyBaMM’s mission as an open-source framework for collaborative battery modeling, and gave an overview of the fast, flexible, and reliable modeling structure. A series of case studies showcasing a wide range of applications of PyBaMM was presented, concluding with a live demonstration of the software.

Thank you to everyone who joined, and to the many who asked insightful questions - and especially to Venkat Subramanian for a great impromptu discussion at the end on benchmark times for solving the DFN. Thanks also to David Howey, Shashank Sripad, and Venkat Viswanathan for hosting and moderating.

As usual, you can find slides for the talk (PDF or PPTX) and try out PyBaMM for yourself by going to Examples (to see the examples) or Google Colab (to run them online).

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